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I'm  Annette

Since 2017, I've dedicated my life to learning and leveraging in-demand online skills to build and scale my online businesses. Now, with six-figure online businesses and and audience of over 150,000 people who are looking for the same freedom, I teach hundreds of thousands of people how to build more affluent, abundant, and free lives through online businesses. 

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Worker to Wanderer testimonial

If I could wire Annette a million dollars for everything she's taught me, I would!"

I honestly can't thank Annette and Daniel enough for everything they've done for me. With what I learned in this course, I booked an improptu trip to Mexico that changed my life. This gave me the push I needed and pointed me in the direction I needed to go. Covid lockdowns this last year left me feeling unhappy and stuck in the circumstances of living back home in the US. I had convinced myself that I didn't have the opportunity to travel or to change the direction of my life. Now, I feel so refreshed, re-focused, and like I have power in my life back! My mind has been buzzing with all of the things I can work on and I can't explain how good that's felt! So THANK YOU!

Daniel M.
Rachel Steinfield, one of the students inside of Worker to Wanderer, Chase for Adventure's digital nomad course.

I got my first online gig in just two weeks! This course provides a clear road map to how to achieve the nomad lifestyle and shows how within grasp the transition is and can be!"

I cannot recommend Annette's course enough! Inside you'll find EVERYTHING you need to make this dream a reality. Annette covers all the bases, finding work, getting over fears and doubts, all the way to visa and tax info. I was able to get my first online gig just two weeks after taking her course! You can tell the course was designed out of love and passion from someone who wants to see you succeed. Annette is so supportive every step of the way and is always an email away to answer any questions or give guidance!

Rachel S.

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