March 2nd-8th, 2020

This trip is catered to those of you that have always dreamt of laying on white sand beaches with turquoise waters, and exploring lush, tropical destinations. We will take you through Thailand's famous Andaman Sea beaches and islands including Phuket, Phi Phi Islands, and Railay Bay while enjoying all of the typical Thai dishes native to the South! Get ready to experience the best that South Thailand has to offer!


Day 1


Starting off our Week In The Tropics, we will be visiting Thailand's most popular holiday destination, Phuket! Thailand's largest island boasts incredible white sand beaches, and dramatic limestones cliffs peppered throughout. With a lively and colorful night scene, Phuket will leave you with amazing memories and stories for years to come!

We will start our first day in the islands the right way; on the beach! After everyone get's settled in, we will head to the famous Patong beach and enjoy a dinner by the seaside while playing fun games and get to know each other better.

Day 2

Phuket island hopping

We are going to hit the ground running on day 2 and take you island hopping around Phuket's most beautiful destinations.  Starting our day off at Hong Island, we will canoe through 3 enormous caves and visit a hidden lagoon. Imagine how beautiful it will be to canoe through large ocean caves, lagoons, and visit some of Thailand's greatest treasures!

Afterward, we will get back on our cruise and stop by the world famous James Bond Island. There we will snap a few pictures, enjoy the beach, and take in Thailand's lush nature.

We will finish off the day visiting Naka Island. Here we'll have the chance to swim through it's turquoise waters, sun bathe on white sand beaches, and relax!

Day 3

Koh Phi Phi Island Hopping

We could not leave Thailand without showing you the Koh Phi Phi archipelago. This tiny set of islands is known for it's scenic beaches, exotic wildlife, and even bioluminescent plankton! 

Starting off the morning we will get on a speed boat that will take us through 4 different islands, a secret cave, and Monkey Beach! 

After having a fun afternoon exploring, we will get back on the boat for a night time snorkel! Remember those bioluminescent plankton I was talking about? Well, they light up the ocean like stars in the sky and we are going to get to swim with them!

Day 4

Phuket FREE day

If there is one thing that full-time travel has taught us it's that for every few days of adventure you need a day of relaxation to recharge. That's what Day 4 is all about! Use this day to shop for souvenirs, explore, or just hang out by the beach, catch up on your favorite book, and relax in this gorgeous slice of earth!

Day 5

Railay Beach Tour

After an exciting few days of Island hopping through the Thai Islands, we will spend the last two days of our trip taking in the dramatic coast of Railay Beach.

This stunning bay is by far the most dramatic coastline in Thailand. With enormous, 400ft limestone cliffs contrasting the deep turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, Railay Beach will take your breath away. 

We will get settled into our new home and tour Railay's many beaches, caves, and viewpoints! Some highlights include Phra Nang Beach, Diamond Cave, Railay East, and Railay West.

We will finish off the day watching the sunset over the ocean.  

Day 6

Railay Beach Free day

Railay's free day is one of the best days of the trip. You will get to fall into the island pace of life, enjoy a cocktail on the beach, and explore the bay at your pace. 

Will you go back to the hidden beach we take you to on Day 5? Or would you rather sit on Thailand's most beautiful beach, Phra Nang? The choice is yours!

Day 7

Ao nang

After a hearty breakfast on Railay Beach and talking about all of our favorite parts of the trip, we get all packed up and ready to say goodbye! 

From there we will get on a traditional long-tail boat, give each other one last big hug, and transfer over to the airport. 

What's Included

  • 7 Days and 6 Nights of Accommodations in 4 Star Hotels (Double Occupancy)
  • 12 Traditional Thai Meals (Vegetarian Options Available)
  • Phuket Island Hopping Tour
  • Koh Phi Phi Island Hopping Tour
  • Snorkeling with Bioluminescent Plankton
  • Railay Beach Tour
  • Airport Transfers
  • All Ground and Boat Transportation
  • Two Energetic Tour Guides
  • Assistance with Finding Cheapest Flight to Phuket and Departing from Krabi
Long-tail Boat in Railay Beach Thailand on Chase Your Adventure Tours

This trip is for you if...

You Enjoy Following a Schedule

We have spent countless hours figuring out all of the best things for you to do during your short trip here! That's why we follow a schedule of activities so you have time to see and do it all!

You Enjoy the Occasional Cocktail

This tour is for those of us who like to enjoy a nice cocktail out by the beach while watching the sunset. Although there are ample bars at our destinations, this tour will focus on sightseeing. 

You Enjoy Being Part of a Group

Daniel and I are pretty touchy feely people who love to treat others like family! Our group will be about 8 people big, so if you are ready to make a bunch of new best friends, this tour is for you!

You are Flexible and Laid Back

Tours, like anything else that's weather dependent, may sometimes encounter a hiccup up or two. If you are comfortable with going with the flow, and seeing the glass half full, we want you on this tour!

If You LOVE Tasting New Foods and Flavors

Thailand has the best cuisine I've ever had in my life! We will be managing the menu and giving you a sampler dish of tons of different traditional Thai dishes. If you love trying new types of food, you will be in heaven!

If You Love Nature

Being in tropical islands comes with a whole new set of flora and fauna (and some pretty amazing Instagram pictures). If you love seeing new birds, monkeys, and the occasional bug, or two, you will love Thailand!



There is little we are more passionate about than travel. Gratefully, we are lucky to say that we've been able to make travel our full-time job and lifestyle! Out of the last year of full-time travel, Thailand stole our hearts and we just keep coming back! 

Why are we the most qualified to take you through this gorgeous country?

Because it feels like home. 

We spent the entire four months we were here exploring new parts of the country, learning Thai, and trying all of the food. Exploring the parts that few dare to try, are the ones we've enjoyed the most! If you need proof, check out our over 40 YouTube videos of this gorgeous country by clicking here! Now we want to share all that we have learned and introduce you to this beautiful land of smiles.



A man in railay beach Thailand with a life jacket on a Chase your Adventure Tour

Chase Your Adventure Tour: Thailand Tip-to-Tip 2019

"Annette and Daniel took my friend and I through a month in Thailand and I was blown away. I never knew Thailand had so many things to see and different environments! They knew exactly where to take us and showed us the most beautiful places we've ever seen in our lives! Major plus side: These guys know where the BEST food is. Without a doubt, best meals I've tasted."

Donyea Thomas

woman feeding a kangaroo in australia on a Chase Your Adventure Tour

Chase Your Adventure Tour: Melbourne, Australia 2019

"I traveled across the world to Australia on my own and left my family behind. I didn't know what to expect and frankly I was anxious about it. From the moment I saw Annette coming down the stairs to greet me at the front door she makes you feel at ease. She has a warm and welcoming presence about her. She is incredibly knowledgable in so many ways. She is funny, smart, personable and well cultured. Someone who was a complete stranger to me, ended up becoming what I would consider a life long friend. Stick with her and you will have a great time. She is willing to listen to suggestions, give you options all whilst following a general agenda so you don't feel limited at the same time their is a plan! I absolutely recommend Chase Your Adventure tours."

Stephanie Romano


When you take a Chase Your Adventure Tour, you won't just be taking an amazing trip, but you're helping a disadvantaged high school student turn their dreams into a reality, too.

As part of my world-wide motivational speeches, I work with high schools to find struggling kids who deserve a second chance and help fund their college education and study abroad efforts.

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Week in the tropics

March 2nd - 8th, 2020


  • 7 Days and 6 Nights of Accommodations in 4 Star Hotels (Double-Occupancy)
  • 12 Traditional Thai Meals (Vegetarian Options Available)
  • Phuket Island Hopping Tour
  • Koh Phi Phi Island Hopping Tour
  • Snorkeling with Bioluminescent Plankton
  • Railay Beach Tour
  • Airport Transfers
  • All Ground and Boat Transportation
  • Two Energetic Tour Guides
  • Assistance with Finding Cheapest Flight to Phuket and Departing from Krabi

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