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Hey, friend! Welcome to Chase for Adventure! Our names are Annette & Daniel and we have been digital nomads since 2018. While on our way to every country in the world, we are teaching others how to make the digital nomad lifestyle a reality for them! But I'll warn you, it takes some scary decisions.

Decisions to chase our dreams like the one we made start with an inflection point. A point where you realize that life can never be the same anymore.

That moment hit March 2017 when I was sitting on my living room floor, in tears, on the phone with the suicide hotline.
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From that low point, we decided we needed to go out and live the life we wanted to live instead of watching it on someone else’s YouTube Channel. We had given everything we had, physically and emotionally, working toward other people's dreams and were ready to work that hard for ourselves!

We want to encourage you to chase your dreams with your whole heart and give you the motivation to do it. So we made the scariest decision we’ve ever made in our lives. We quit our jobs, sold all of our stuff, and bought one-way tickets to Bangkok, Thailand with the plan to travel for the next 5 years, and visit every country in the world. When our plane first departed, we had no idea what to expect. We landed with nothing but our backpacks and the determination to make our dreams a reality.
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Even though we had only saved up $15,000, we were confident that if we worked hard enough, we were going to make it work. With our cameras in hand, we began documenting our journey to share with you this big beautiful world that we live in, and inspire you to chase your own adventure. People always tell us that we were so brave to sell all of our stuff and travel, but it wasn’t bravery… it was desperation.
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We were desperate to truly live life in the present moment. We wanted to be excited for every day, not just Friday. Now, we can’t tell you what day of the week it is if you asked. We spend each and every day making friends, delving into new cultures, eating delicious food, and living every day like it is our last. We were terrified to go on this trip. The fact of the matter is, leaving everything you know is scary. We’re going to countries where we don’t know the language, the customs, or anybody there.
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But we would rather give it our best shot and fail than to never have tried at all.

Since we began this digital nomad lifestyle, we’ve gone cliff jumping into Malaysian waterfalls, and played with Elephants in Thailand. We went island hopping on a Jetski, and climbed to the summit of Mt. Fuji in Japan. We scuba dived with sea turtles in Indonesia and monkeyed around in Bali. We have traveled to over 40 different countries, learned conversational Thai, and tried tons of delicious local food! To this day, we still don’t know what the future has in store, but we know that no matter what obstacles come our way, we will overcome.

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Because when you put all of your time, love, and energy into your passion, it’s impossible to lose. Success isn’t about being fearless or “special”. It’s about being freaking terrified and doing it anyway.

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