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Hey, friend! We are Annette and Daniel Fortner, two people who were absolutely miserable working the 9-5. Sound familiar? So in October 2017, just two days after our wedding, we couldn't take it anymore. So we said, "Screw it! We're traveling for the next 5 years and seeing every country in the world". We sold all of our stuff, quit our jobs, and bought one-way tickets to Bangkok, Thailand that departed in June of 2018. I know, I know. We're crazy and a little impulsive, but that was the literally the best decision we've ever made. #noregrets


Teach you how to explore this big, beautiful world we live in long-term!

For the last few months, instead of spending our days waiting for Friday, we've been traveling through South East Asia documenting our adventures on our YouTube Channel and Instagram! Now, we are travel journalists who showcase the beauty in different cultures and inspire others to chase their dreams! We started sharing this adventure not because we want people to be totally jealous of all of the cool stuff we do now, but because we want to show you that you can live this life, too! Whatever it is that sets your heart on fire, we want to encourage you to go chase it.

Traveling wasn't always the plan, though...

If you had told me a year ago that we were going to sell all of our stuff to start backpacking the world, I would have called you a liar! We were living our quiet lives in Gainesville, FL, planning on buying a house and having kids. Decisions like the one we made start with an inflection point. A point where you realize that life can never be the same anymore. That moment hit March 2017 when I, Annette, was sitting on my living room floor, in tears, on the phone with the suicide hotline.

You were probably not expecting how real we were going to get in this About page, but with us, what you see is what you get! From that low point, we decided we needed to go out and live the life we wanted to live instead of watching it on someone else’s YouTube Channel. We had given everything we had, physically and emotionally, working toward other people's dream and were ready to work that hard for ourselves! Is that something you resonate with?

So we moved into my in-law's house, sold everything we owned including our cars, and paid off $70,000 worth of debt (we actually have a whole post about how we did that right here). Daniel and I worked 70hrs/week for 8 months trying to save up $15,000 to make our dreams come true!

Why we're different

This is not your typical travel blog where you read about what you've already watched on our YouTube Channel. Instead, we want to inspire you and give you the resources you need to embark on your own adventures around the world. A lot of people perceive those who chase their dreams as "special" and use that excuse to refrain from taking action themselves. We want to show you that if they want something bad enough, you'll figure out how to get it; show people who are struggling that they can make the light at the end of their tunnel. Chase for Adventure is more than just a travel vlog and blog; it’s the chronicles of what it’s like to have a dream and do whatever it takes to attain it.



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