The Boss Babe Goal Planner

Stop Falling Prey to failed goals and unaccomplished dreams

We've all been there.

We have big dreams that we want to make our reality.

But dreams without a plan are just wishes!

That ends today with this beautifully designed goal planning workbook!

Using lessons taught by strategic planners and psychologists, this goal setting workbook will give you a clear, actionable, and easy to follow plan so that you can turn your goals into accomplishments!

Only $15

  • 35+ pages of thought-provoking questions, strategies, and exercises for impactful goal-setting
  • Uses scientifically proven questions and structure that maximize success
  • Easy to follow action plan
  • Checklist to denote achievements
  • 4-page goal-setting template for future use
  • Printable pages you can put on your wall or desk
  • Clean and beautiful design
  • Lifetime access and updates

About the Creators

After working in corporate level management for years, Annette and Daniel realized there had to be a life beyond the 9-5. In desperation, they quit their jobs, bought one way tickets to Bangkok, Thailand, and created a successful YouTube Channel, & Instagram called Chase for Adventure. They have since been featured in leading publications in their industry such as TourRadar, Travel Insider, Amateur Traveler, amongst others. Now they teach others how to fearlessly chase their dreams, and pursue the digital nomad lifestyle!