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To Every Country in the World

We are so happy you've made it here! Welcome to our community of dreamers, entrepreneurs, and travel lovers! When Daniel and I started Chase for Adventure, we knew we didn't want all of our platforms to share the same story. We wanted you to be able to choose what you were interested in and the different communities you wanted to be a part! Because of that, we created three different communities that are curated to different interests inline with Chase for Adventure's vision: To share, to educate, and entertain! If you've read our why, you know the struggles we've gone through to get where we are today, and want to show you that you can live the life you dream of, too.

Below you'll find a synopsis of each of our platforms so you can find the one you feel most at home in. And heck, it may just be all of them! We are excited to get to share this period of our lives with you, teach you how to chase your own adventure, and make you laugh along the way!

With love from somewhere in the world,

Annette & Daniel

Subscribe on YouTube!

YouTube is the lifeblood of Chase for Adventure! Our YouTube Channel is where we truly show off the beauty the world has to offer in a cinematic and creative way. Every other day we produce a "vlog-umentary", a mixture between a travel documentary and vlog where we showcase the country's culture, food, and attractions with professional equipment and a good dose of goofy personality to keep it interesting! On our channel you will can watch us climb mountains in Japan, scuba dive in Indonesia, cliff jump into waterfalls in Malaysia, and so much more! Want to see us do some really awesome stuff?

Get Intimate

Our e-mail subscribers are our tightest community. We want to show you the life we get to live, and how you can live it, too! It's also where we share our funniest stories that don't make it on our YouTube channel. Every Monday we send out our Happy Monday Newsletter where we share the highlights of our last week, the latest guide we've published, and some motivational tid-bits to get your week started on the right foot! It's also where we ask you questions to get to know you better! We want friendship and community with you! Not to mention, you will get access to our awesome library of resources (that's password protected) completely FREE! If that's something you're interested in, sign up below!

Join our Instafam

Our Instagram page is the community where you get to see the behind-the-scenes of our day to day lives, and get to know us on a deeper level. We post daily travel pictures on our feed, but the Instagram Stories is where the fun really is! Our Instafam has seen us chase rats in dingy hostels, eat scorpions, and climb exotic waterfalls. They've seen the endless hours spent behind our computers in coffee shops, us almost getting into car accidents in Bali, and know about our day-to-day lives. Our Instafam knows exactly who we are, in a genuine and unfiltered way! They also get to vote on what we do next from time to time! Sound like something you'd be interested in? Join us below!

P.S: Instagram is also the fastest way to get a hold of us. So if you ever have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to shoot us a message through there (although this contact form works, too)!

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