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Revealed: the Simple 5 Step Process to Finding Remote Work During a Pandemic

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Annette Fortner

Co-founder, Chase for Adventure

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10:00 AM


Let's Face it...

There isn't a single person on this planet unaffected by the coronavirus. A lot of us are at home in self-isolation, quarantine, or maybe even got laid off. 

No matter where you are in this story, Coronavirus has given us the opportunity to slow life down a little bit. Work on ourselves, and work on our online businesses. Coronavirus made me really grateful to be my own boss, and have the ability to make money from anywhere. 

If you have found yourself in quarantine out of work, laid off, or struggling to make ends meet, I want to help.

Before Chase for Adventure was able to sustain itself, Daniel and I worked online to make ends meet. There is so much opportunity to make money online in this day and age. We want to show you never have to rely on your "real-world" job again. That's why on April 20th, 2020 @ 10AM EST, I will be hosting a live workshop teaching you how to find online work and MAKE MONEY during the pandemic in 5 simple steps.

A girl with a mask looking out the window of an airplane during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This Workshop is Right For You if...

  • You can't afford to not work for weeks because of a pandemic, natural disaster, or other event outside of your control. It's time to take control back over your life and money.
  • You're tired of an employer governing your time and deciding what you're worth. You want to take your time and freedom back into your own hands. 
  • You're ready to level up your skills and get hired within two weeks!
  • You're ready to put in the work toward a life on your terms. No more requesting days off, or begging your boss to pay for your overtime. 

What you’ll discover in this workshop:

  • The simple method you must apply before you start any remote work opportunity. This is the most important step to ensure that you aren't wasting your time.
  • Get the resume building hacks that will turn your work history from boring and irrelevant to "you're the person for the job!" riveting. And yes: you can do this even if you think you aren't good at resume writing.
  • Learn exactly where to find these remote jobs & how you can get paid whether there is a pandemic, you're sick, or you just want to work from home! Plus: watch live how easy it is to apply to these jobs and copy the principles and strategies to get them!

What you'll gain...

the skillset needed for remote work

where to find  & Apply for online work opportunities

Where to level up your skills & education for free!

Have a killer resume ready to make you $$$



What to Expect After You Register

  • Once you sign up for the workshop, you'll be asked to create a Teachable account. Once you have a login, you will get access to the workshop link and some additional resources to help you find a job ASAP!
  • You will have access to the workshop resources for-ever! After the workshop is over, you will have access to the replay and all of the bonus resources in your Teachable account.
  • After the workshop is over, I will be hosting a live Q&A and will not leave my computer until all of your questions are answered. So make sure you come prepared with any questions you have, and jot down questions during the workshop!
  • We will be having a couple of special guests talk to you about their experiences with working remotely, so please prepare any questions you have for them, too :) 
  • And in the quarantine spirit, I will be hosting the presentation in my Pajamas! So let all get together in our Pj's and learn some stuff!

Here's what Alumni had to say...

This was the greatest investment for myself! I learned so much from the information shared with me. They really care about you as an individual and provide the support, network, steps and resources for how you too can work while chasing your adventure.

Annette is very genuine, has a great attitude, and has the behind the scenes coordination to give people a great product. This workshop was a great tool, that encouraged me to dive into my professional development. I loved how how interactive it was! I didn’t know it was going to be so personal, so for next time I will be more prepared and try to interact more. It also helps a lot the PowerPoint to follow along and the workbook.

Erika Marketer

How to Live a Life You Love

I am so glad that I attended this workshop! Times are changing in the online space and even through I have been successfully working online as a remote freelancer for 2 years there are tools that I still didn't know existed. Tools I didn't know about and your resume suggestions are next level gold!

 I not only loved the live aspect of the workshop, but also ALL the extra resources and tutorials afterward. More than any other workshop I have even been to!

Always expanding upon any skill set is the way to stand apart online and Annette shared some great resources that I am dying to take advantage of to better my service for my clients and scale my income!She shares this knowledge it in a way that helps those first starting out and those looking to improve!

Monica - Freelancer



You'll Get 'Em!


How to Find Remote Work During Covid 19

BONUS: Making a Killer Resume Masterclass ($20 value)

I made this course because I genuinely know the pain of counting the days until Friday. I felt like I would only live my life for the weekends, and then just feel hopeless and trapped Monday- Friday. That’s why I’m offering you a one-hour video group chat with me and other students every other week to ask any and all of your burning questions!

How to Find Remote Work During COVID-19

BONUS: find remote work during covid-19 workbook ($20 Value)

Is the fear of solo travel what’s keeping you from pursuing your travel dreams? Worry not, my friend! After spending a full year on the road, I have developed a whole video guide on how to stay safe, find travel buddies, and combat loneliness on the road. I have even brought two of my girl friends who have traveled to over 60 countries by themselves to give you an insight into their experiences, struggles they faced, and how they overcame them! This bonus will completely bust the ceiling on your solo travel fears and get you on the road!

Resources for finding remote work during covid-19

BONUS: Exhaustive List of additional resources ($297 value)

I want you to know how to travel like an expert and make your money go further. In this awesome bonus course, I breakdown how to create and manage a travel budget, show you how to save $15,000 before you depart, give my exclusive tips on getting the lowest prices on flights and accommodations, and show you how to get free flights and accommodations around the world.

Worker to Wanderer Facebook Group Graphic


We’ve created a Facebook group for students to facilitate networking, sharing of knowledge, and friendship. This group is a great place to find other digital nomads, and potential travel buddies to support you on your own adventures around the world. Since we go through the course at the same time together, the Facebook group allows you to engage with other soon-to-be Digital Nomads on the same step you are.

Annette Fortner headshot at Khao Sok National Park



I genuinely believe there is more to life than counting the days until Friday. That's why I help normal people, just like you, quit their soul-sucking jobs, and show them how to finally start living a life they love. Specifically, if traveling the world is what you spend your days dreaming about, I'm your girl! I spent the first year of travel devouring all of the information on the internet, trying to learn how to make a sustainable income that would fund my travels to no avail. It was only after I got on the road and learned from other travelers actually doing it, that I figured it out and was able to develop a system.

Why am I the most qualified to teach you this information?

Because I was you in October of 2017.

I was working a job where I was under-paid, and under-appreciated. I would wake up every single morning at 5AM to work for someone who made me feel like nothing I ever did was enough. It hit me 2 days after my wedding...

 That's when I realized something needed to change. I couldn't sit, browsing through Instagram watching all of these other people living the life that I wanted anymore. I needed to just go out there and take it.

Girl sitting at her computer working remotely


  • What happens if I can't make the workshop date? 
    Don't worry! We will record the live workshop and you'll be able to see the replay as many times as you like. If you want to still participate in the Q&A, but can't make it live Send in your questions via e-mail, and
  • What happens if I can't make the workshop date, pay for access to the replay and resources, but want to participate in the Q&A?
    ​Send in your questions to [email protected] and I'll make sure to answer them in both the Q&A and by e-mail. 

  • For how long will I have access to the replay?
    You will get lifetime access to all of the resources in the workshop that you can access through your teachable account.
  • What if I'm already a freelancer? Will I learn new information?
    "I was feeling like I "already knew" everything you were talking about, but I know that you and Daniel have such a different experience with remote work that there is for sure going to be tidbits I could learn and I was not wrong! I found ways to level up and expand my offerings and even improve more on my portfolio and resumes that I already felt were great!" - Monica

Places on the live workshop are limited! Reserve your seat now and join us live for the workshop that will change the way you think about working from home...


*Upon registering, you will be asked to create a Teachable account. See you in there!

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