February 1, 2019

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“Find your passion, chase your dream, and live the life you want to live”

I’m SO guilty of this, y’all…

I have the tendency of telling people how freaking awesome they are and how they are literally capable of everything. Man, aren’t serial optimists annoying? It sucks to be told time and time again that you should just quit everything, and chase your dreams. That’s great and all, but what if you don’t know what the hell your dream is. How are you supposed to take any steps toward your dream life if you don’t know how to find your passion? Well, friend, I’m here to simplify that process for you complete with a How to Find Your Passion Test and a FREE printable workbook so you can get started finding your passion and working toward your dreams!

Lucky for You

I’ve made a career out of showing people exactly how to live their dream life and achieve their highest potential. Why do I have any sort of authority to teach you these things? Well, after I graduated with my Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Florida, my husband and I spent years working jobs that just didn’t fulfill us. We were frankly over giving away the best years of our life pursuing somebody else’s dreams.

A ring over to the suicide hotline in 2017 changed a lot for me. That’s when I realized that nobody deserves to live life like this. I felt like I wasn’t living! From there, I embarked on a quest to find what really set my soul on fire. I wanted to know what the hell I was put on this earth to do! I read dozens of books like Think and Grow Rich and On Fire just looking for answers to this elusive question: What should I do with my life?

That’s why we hit the F*** it button and sold all of our stuff to travel the world. Needless to say, that was the best decision of our lives. #worthit

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Are you ready to be done with your existential crisis and find answers?

How to Find your Passion

It’s important to note that it is completely normal to not know what you want to do with your life! Here’s the common problem, though… People don’t go looking for answers. They stay stagnant complaining about how they don’t know what they’re passionate about but don’t do anything about it! Reading this article, you’re already on the right track to find your passion. You’re taking action.

Take a Personality Test (AKA How to Find Your Passion Test)

If you’re starting from zero and you’re completely clueless, let me introduce you to the world of personality tests. They have been designed by psychologists at universities to compile loads of data on personality types. After you’re done taking the test, it’s going to provide you with a comprehensive personality assessment that includes your strengths, weaknesses, and even suggested career paths! How useful is that?!

With that said, go take the 16 Personalities test. It’s quick, it’s free, and I’ve even created a free worksheet to guide you on this passion finding journey (Get your free workbook, along with my free library of resources below)!

To Find Your Passion- Volunteer Somewhere

Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a consistent and deliberate effort. If you want to find your passion, then you need to go look for it. Find places in your town where you can volunteer and try your hand at something new! If you have always wanted to work with horses, look for a nearby ranch. If you’ve always been curious about video game development, reach out to the company and see if they’ll let you shadow them for a day. I found my fierce love for helping others when I volunteered for the Ronald McDonald House. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there just because your passion is something you didn’t expect.

To Find Your Passion – Ask Yourself The Important Questions:

Finding your passion, as I’ve said before, comes from a place of action. You’ve just learned tons about yourself in the Find Your Passion Test! Use that information and ask yourself:

What pisses you off?

I’m serious. What gets your blood boiling? What makes you want to go and stand up for something? Life is simply too short to have it spent on meaningless shit. You know that, and that’s why you’re here. Do puppies getting abandoned piss you off? Maybe you should consider working for a shelter, owning a doggy daycare, or even becoming an advocate for PETA. Do you watch a game of tennis and want to rip people’s heads off when your side loses? Look into becoming a coach or, if willing to work hard enough, a tennis player! Figure out what problems mean the most to you and try to solve them via your career.

If you won a billion dollars tomorrow and money wasn’t a problem, what would you do to spend the time?

I am not asking you what you’re going to spend your money on, or what charity you’re going to donate your money to. Fact is, you’re eventually going to run out of things you want to buy, so you’re going to be bored. Think about Bill Gates. He’s one of the richest men in the world, and can literally do anything his heart pleases. But instead, he’s creating scholarships, curing diseases, and being an all-around badass. He’s not curing diseases because it’s earning him money, or because it’s his job. He probably realized, “wow, I have a ton of money with nothing to spend it on, maybe I should do something to help the world now”.

So what would you do if you were in Bill Gates shoes? Would you find a way to ensure everyone in Niger, where the adult literacy is 28%, had access to a high-quality education? Or would you launch a full campaign to protect the environment?

What’s something that, when immersed in it, you lose track of time?

Maybe it’s a video game or that time that you spend learning about motorcycles in your free time (I’m looking at my husband…). There is a psychological sweet spot called flow when you’re doing something so fun that you forget to look at the clock. It’s the state of being completely absorbed in what you’re doing.

So what makes you experience flow? For me, it’s whenever I’m giving my motivational speeches. I get SO into the energy of the room and the speech, that I don’t even realize I’ve been talking for two hours! As a matter of fact, I leave my speeches more energized than when I came in! That’s when you know you’ve found that sweet spot.

What three things did you truly enjoy doing today?

Did you really love it when you nailed making the perfect omelet in the morning? Or how about went you went to your Pilates class? The things we do and enjoy on a daily basis can often time be our passions in disguise. They are a part of our routine and we don’t even consider turning them into a paycheck. But what if I told you, that you could become a Pilates instructor or a chef?

What’s Your Excuse?

If you’ve gone through the find your passion test and workbook for this article, you should have a really solid idea of what you enjoy. You may have even found a few ways to turn your passion into profit! So my last question to you is: what’s your excuse? You wanted to find your passion, you think you’ve got it, but now why don’t you pursue it?

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Find Your Passion Takeaways

  • Take a personality test or find your passion test like the one above and find your baseline
  • Volunteer to get a feel for what you enjoy and what you’re good at
  • Ask yourself hard, but important questions like the ones in the workbook to get you in the dream chasing, passion-finding mindset!

Stay to tuned for the next step in the series to learn how to overcome this excuse and be one step closer to your dream life!

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