July 9, 2018

Ha Giang Loop Bridge

Since arriving here a little over a week ago, Japan has left us in awe. A perfect mixture of big city life, and tradition Japanese tradition, Tokyo left us wanting more. If Japan wasn’t completely out of our budget, we would stay here for three months just exploring the country corner to corner. I originally wrote this post wanting to give you an overview of our week in Tokyo and arrival in Mt. Fuji, but we’ve done so many fun and cool things, you would have ended up reading 10,000 words in one post. So, I want to here what you think: Would you rather read daily diary style posts, or a week overview with briefs highlights? In the mean time, here’s our first day in Tokyo!

Navigating Tokyo Trains

After a 6 hour red-eye flight, we landed in Narita airport on Monday and took the 2.5 hour train ride into the city. Daniel and I we made it all the way to our Airbnb, taking three different trains, without getting lost and did it all without internet! We were super proud of ourselves!

The train system in Tokyo is very organized and easy to navigate. They work on a schedule, and are always right on time. Being on the train was a cultural experience in and of itself. In Japan, people don’t really talk on the train. I’m talking dead silent for the most part. We also noticed that children in Japan are very independent and navigate the train system on their own without their parents, getting themselves to and from school. Lastly, the the trains get you literally everywhere in the city and is the primary form of transportation for all of Tokyo. Sometimes they get very crowded. On the last train we had to stand with dozens of people like a can of sardines because the train was so packed. Needless to say, we were ready to get to our Airbnb.

We made it home in Japan!

Daniel and I are used to staying in pretty grungy backpacker accommodations, but had a completely different experience in Tokyo. We got our first Airbnb ever, and loved it! The apartment had everything we needed: AC, sink, microwave, refrigerator, washer, and it’s own bathroom! It sounds like a bathroom would be common sense, but you’d be surprised with the places we’ve stayed in. It felt like having a little home for the first time since we left the US, which we needed more than we thought. If we had the money, we would stay in an Airbnb everywhere around the world.

Shameless plug: Want to help us sleep in places where we don’t share a room with 9 people and have no bathroom? Get $40 off your first Airbnb here, while giving us $20 credit toward our next one!

harajuku japan

After settling in, we met with Daniel’s family and explored Harajuku, a small part of downtown Tokyo. We were immediately greeted by skyscrapers displaying large signs in Japanese, and girls in Anime costumes. It was everything that I pictured Tokyo to be, but with streets flooded with tourists. The crowding, however, added to the lively vibe of the city. Walking through the streets there were so many different smells, lights, and sounds. It was a delight for the senses. After eating some delicious ramen, we went back to our glorious Airbnb, and got some well deserved rest! Day two, here we come!

P.S: Traveling the world is the best! Read why we did it here!

Thank you so much for reading! Have you been to Tokyo before? Tell me about your experience below!


  • Lindsey P. says:

    Never been to Tokyo or anywhere outside of the continental US frankly, but live living vicariously through your travels. Love and miss you guys so much!

  • I have never been to Tokyo, but yeah you have to find a great Ramen place and give me a shoutout, please!!! That would make my day!!

  • Sandra Snyder says:

    Didn’t know Daniel has family over there. How exciting!

    • They were actually on vacation there so we stopped by to visit and spend some time with them! 🙂

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