April 6, 2019

Are you trying to figure out how to live a life you love? One that gets you excited and out of bed each and every morning? I get it because I’ve been there, too. Before Daniel and I sold everything to travel the world, we were selling our souls to the highest bidder. Working away at jobs that made us feel unappreciated and unfulfilled. Hopefully, by now you’ve realized that is NOT something I want for you. I created this blog so that you can find your passion, and start living a life you’re excited about; a life you LOVE! That’s why today I’ve brought you another one of my friends who gets it. With eloquence and actionable steps, my friend Monica from Moessence.com is going to be taking you through a step-by-step process on how to go from dreading Monday, to designing the life you want. Without further ado…

How to Live a Life you LOVE!

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your Instagram feed? We know that we’re seeing the highlight reel of other people’s lives. No matter how “happy for them” we are or inspirational it is, there’s an underlying note of jealousy right?

Jealousy and comparison to social media can lead to a very dark path of anxiety, depression and feeling not enough.

Jealousy can be turned into a tool to fight the dark side instead of succumbing to it. You’re going to learn how to use that green with envy feeling to design and live a life you love.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this post:

How to stop feeding the jealousy monster and playing the comparison game.
Understand “Gap Focus” to change your mindset
How to Identify what makes you HUNGRY
How to identify what you’re chasing that is not authentically you
Make a list of dreams and goals that are your own and start taking action today

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Gap focus is the difference between our current stage of progress and our goal. It can also be the gap between another person’s “success” or “failure” and your current state.
Focusing on either gap is not good for our brains or emotional states. It leads to those debilitating feelings we talked about before.

What humans need to live happy and successful lives is simple, to have goals and be working towards those goals and dreams every day.

No matter where you start, no matter who is doing what… setting goals, big or small and achieving them is one of the keys to a happy and successful life.

This is where the rich and famous can fall into disarray. They didn’t continue to make more goals that were meaningful to them beyond this “success.” Money doesn’t buy happiness, nor does more stuff.

Whenever you start getting close to reaching a goal. MAKE ANOTHER. But it must have meaning to you and make you HUNGRY.

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An experience that moves your soul and can bring you to tears of joy or sorrow is something that makes you HUNGRY. We as a society have been placated with instant gratification, our senses dulled with the strongest and sweetest foods, noisy electronics and perfectly comfortable living environments. Avoiding pain and discomfort each day becomes our goal unconsciously.
It’s not your fault. But there is something you can do about it.

Start searching for more and feeling more. Identify what makes you hungry. Fill out the questions below to find out what makes you hungry.

Connect to the emotions in these questions for better answers. Search for your HUNGERS. What you are really hungry for in your life. Not just what you are CRAVING.

Cravings are those things that are more materialistic and distract us from our purpose and passions. They come and go without influencing our life. They dull our awareness and distract us from our dreams.

(if a question is hard to answer then change out “What am I…..” to “What could I be….”)


1: Who do I love? Who loves me?

2: What am I most happy about in my life right now?

3: What am I most grateful for right now?

4: What am I most excited about in my life right now?

5: What is my own personal definition of success?

6: What am I most committed to in my life right now?

7: What is my #1 Goal right now for my personal development?

8: What one simple yet powerful thing can I do each day to get me closer to that goal?

9: In what ways can I improve the quality of my life in the next year?

10: Which ways am I really HUNGRY for?

11: What in this world breaks my heart?

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Use these answers as a filter for how you spend your time and make decisions. If you feel pressured to do something or if what you’re doing doesn’t bring you joy or fit anywhere on this list. It’s time to start saying no. To release the FOMO (Fear of missing out) and start deciding to chase what makes you hungry and not let cravings or other people’s influence pull you away from the life of your dreams.

Things look great in gorgeous photos in an Instagram feed. We can appreciate them but feel centered in your own desires knowing you have your own dreams you are pursuing and will have your own unique (and better!) experiences yourself someday.

If you see an experience that gets you super green in envy and you just can’t shake it. Is it awakening an authentic dream and HUNGER? Use this “jealousy” as a compass. Guiding you to new ideas, dreams, and inspirations for your own life. Add them to your list if they fit. It’s ok if the desire burns out later, some will. But if it stays… Then pursue making this a reality for your own life. Work toward it each day.

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If money and time were no object (and no one could see what you do online to judge you) what would you really love to do? Think like a happy kid who has not been influenced by society’s thumb. Nothing should be left out just because it’s “not practical”.

– List all the talents, skills and habits you would love to have in your life. Speak another language? Play the guitar? Become a great speaker or writer?
– List all the adventures and experiences you would love to have: A romantic honeymoon with your soul mate? Hike the Inca Trail to Peru? Race cars? Get that tattoo by the famous artist in Spain? Sail the Mediterranean in your own boat?
– List some career and finance goals: Do you want to own vacation rentals? Make online by working online? Make a million dollars?
– List your contribution dreams: How do you dream to make a difference in the world? Save the rain forest or the ocean? End world hunger? Help your local community? Give your family a better life and be able to afford healthcare? To volunteer at and raise money for the local communities you visit as you travel the world? Foster and rehab dogs?

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AMAZING BOOKS That Have Helped Me Love My Life

There were some amazing books that have helped me along this path from being overweight, constantly fatigued, with health issues, in a bad marriage and overwhelmed by the mortgage, car payments and “things I should be doing”.
To reversing all those things plus making friends with people around the world. I even have tenants paying my mortgage when I am not at home and have an online business that I am excited for each day. Now, I make my own schedule and am dedicated to discipline, and constant never-ending improvement.

I have lived through and shed some very limiting beliefs about myself and about what I want to do and experience in my life. I’m a work in progress. And that makes me feel inspired. I am Iron and I forge myself.

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If you are truly inspired to create a life you love and chase your hungers I highly recommend reading:
The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
You are a Badass by Jen Sincero
The Awakened Woman by Dr. Tererai Trent
Spark Joy by Marie Kondo
It won’t take as long as you think to become the person you need to be and it also won’t take long to achieve these goals and dreams in your life! Your daily happiness will increase 10 fold even before you get “there” and will only get better! Remember we never arrive or “make it” because we continue to set goals and dream even more right!?

Start taking action TODAY. Right now write out one thing you can do today to start on a goal and 2 other things you can accomplish this week to set yourself up for success.

You’ll not live the same year over and over for 60 years and call it a life. I know you’re destined for great things.

How to Live a Life You Love

About Monica and Moessence.com

I give solo entrepreneurs that are stuck in start-up mode simple step-by-step training that maximizes their time & effort so they can make more money while living healthy, peaceful & passionate lives.

If you have a side hustle, business dream, or even in your first year or two of going full time as a freelancer or with an online business I invite you to download my MOTIVATION MASTER GUIDE. There are 2 extra steps in there we haven’t covered yet and a checklist for you to keep up that motivation to achieve your goals and business dreams.

How to Live a Life You Love

I care deeply about your daily life satisfaction, health & happiness while you’re chasing your big dreams. You can overcome the obstacles of this modern world and design a life you love too.
Thank you for reading! It’s been an honor to visit here at Chase for Adventure and to be acquainted with Annette, Daniel and you! You can find me @MonicaFawn on IG.

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