October 7, 2018

My wedding day was easily the best day of my life. Apart from the fact that everyone I loved was in one room, I was so happy to finally be able to call Daniel my husband. A year later, I’m still grateful for that decision and could not imagine my life with anyone else. Here’s a short journal entry from last year:

Written on 10/9/2017

This last weekend I got married to the man of my dreams. The man who has been there for me during my lowest of lows, and highest of highs. A man who has never made me cry on purpose, who works to never let me down, and who always chooses to love before judge. The experience was something surreal. It’s so monumental and special that you want to remember every second of it.

The night before the Wedding

The night of the rehearsal dinner was a sad one for me. After having a mini family fiasco, I remembered that I was going to be spending the night away from Daniel (something that I never want to do again. ever. Lol). I missed him that entire night. We had agreed to write letters to each other, and I had gone through six drafts before I finally decided to put the pen down and try to go to sleep. I prayed over our marriage at that point. I prayed that God would continue to always bring us together. To have a marriage filled with love, peace, and mutual respect. I prayed for God to give me the skills I need to be the best wife I can be to him. Nothing in this world brings me as much joy as seeing him smile.

The morning of

From the excitement, I woke up at 4AM that Saturday, and took a screenshot of the Lock Screen on my iPhone to commemorate the date I will be celebrating from now on. After barely going back to sleep, my bridesmaid and I went on our way to my Maid of Honor’s Air BnB where I’d be getting ready.

It was a blast getting ready with my family. There were many laughs, and happy tears shed. As I was getting my hair done, I wrote the letter I wanted to give to Daniel. He had also left me a voicemail that left everyone in the room in tears. I was so happy and excited to get to the barn so I can see him! I mean it when I tell you that he is the biggest blessing that God has given me. My sister, mom, and bridesmaid, all helped me get into my dress that morning. When I was ready, the brought in my dad to see me for the first time. It was beautiful and emotional. After many getting ready pictures, we were ready to be on our way.

Seeing him for the first time

We arrived at the venue early because we wanted to have a first look. When I saw him walking toward the spot under the forest cathedral where we would see each other, I couldn’t hold back the tears. Out of all of the people in the world he could have chosen to spend the rest of his life with, he chose me. As soon as they told me that he was ready to see me, I ran out of the car. This was slightly a bad idea considering my dress was white, and we were getting married in a forest.

Walking toward him gave me the butterflies I felt when I first realized I had fallen in love with him. With the photographers positioned, they told me to call his name so he could turn around. Tears welled up in both of our eyes. He looked so handsome in his navy suit and coral boutonniere. Feeling his warm embrace for the first time that day as we said I love you, was enough to take the stress of the entire day away. We took a few photos and realized that people were starting to show up.

Walking down the aisle

Hearing my march song, A Thousand Years by Christina Perry, brought so many beautiful memories that Daniel and I have shared over the years. Being careless, college students, traveling abroad, and transitioning into the young adults we are today. It made me think about how ready I was to be his wife. It felt like every day before me had been leading up to this. I took my dad’s arm as I walked toward my groom. Once I saw him, it was as though nobody else was there. He was about to become my husband. My mom and dad gave me away and the ceremony began.

The Ceremony

The pastor officiating has known Daniel since he was a little boy. Having him join us together in marriage was very special to the both of us. When it came time to share our vows, Daniel and I could barely keep our composure. We vowed to each take care of one another, put each other first, and above all else choose to love. After we swapped rings, we were pronounced Mr. and Mrs.!  We walked back through the aisle to be greeted and loved on by all of our friends and family.

The Party

From the first dances, to getting cake smashed in my face (thanks, babe), and even the keg stands (because we’ve got to keep it classy), the night was magical. The food was incredible (Thank you, David’s BBQ), and the music was great! Even when my dress got ravaged by a colony of red ants, Daniel swiftly ripped me out of my dress, changed into another party dress.

There is no doubt the God was looking over our special night. From the cooling rain, to the AMAZING vendors I had the pleasure of working with, my wedding was perfect.

Special Thanks to:

David’s BBQ- You guys seriously blew my husband and I out of the water with your amazing service, attention to detail, and delicious food.

Hundred’s of Moment’s Photography- Betsy and Lindsey captured our wedding beautifully, and we could not be more grateful.

Little Forest Farm- The venue is beautiful, but more than that you guys made Daniel and I feel like family from day one! Thank you for being so sweet, and accommodating!

Special Day Entertainment- Joey, our, DJ, was being professional, funny, animated, and accommodating. You were a blessing!

  • Hey Annette, it is so beautifully written and described. You both are my favorite travel bloggers. Much love from India ❤ Keep Traveling and sharing incredible stories 💫

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