June 21, 2020

Chase for Adventure Travel Face Mask

If you’re wondering how to prepare for travel after the pandemic, you’ve come to the right place. It’s so weird to think of the world opening back up after it’s been closed for so long. And with new regulations and requirements every day, it’s hard to prepare.  COVID-19 definitely impacted the world in crazy ways and one of the worst-hit was the travel industry. After canceling millions of flights worldwide, airlines are looking to open their doors and get back in the black. But what does this mean for travelers waiting to walk “down the aisle”? Now that airlines have resumed some flights again, it’s important for travelers to know what travel is like in a world after the pandemic. Here’s how you can start preparing for travel after the pandemic.

Prepare for Travel After the Pandemic

How to Prepare for Travel After the Pandemic- Get a Travel Face Mask

Whether we want to face it or not, face masks are becoming a daily part of our lives. If we want to be a part of the world as it opens, we are going to be required to wear them. During the pandemic, we got “stuck” in Thailand! While living there, business refused to allow you in if you weren’t wearing a mask! This isn’t just Thailand! More than 50 other countries (and counting) have mandated people to wear face masks. So if you’re planning on traveling (or leaving your house), make sure that you have one handy like this one!

Girl on a beach wear a face mask preparing for travel after the pandemic

But it’s not just businesses requiring the use of face masks. Airlines are now mandating that all passengers wear face coverings on their flights. To make people feel comfortable traveling again, airlines are revolutionizing the cleanliness standards of travel. This includes employing social distancing on every flight AND requiring face masks! Moreover, as the responsible traveler I hope you are, it just makes sense to have a travel face mask on you. You’re going to be walking through airports around people who’ve been who-knows-where. Whether you think COVID is serious or not, you didn’t spend all of that money on your trip just to get sick.

Disposible face masks ending up in the ocean because of pollution

A word on Face Masks

I’ve noticed a lot of people wearing the regular disposable face masks that we see on doctors. Have you ever thought about what happens to that face mask after you throw it away? It ends up in a landfill and then in our ocean. With the whole world now requiring face masks, our environment cannot take all of us using disposable masks. That’s why we launched our own line of travel face masks. Our Chase for Adventure Travel masks are not just fun to wear, but they also save our planet!

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Prepare for Travel After the Pandemic

How to Prepare for Travel After the Pandemic – Get a Health & Travel Insurance that Covers COVID

If you plan on traveling after the pandemic you need to be cautious. There is a chance that you will get COVID and end up hospitalized whether you stay at home or go abroad. But getting hospitalized in a different country is not something to laugh about. Daniel was hospitalized with dengue fever in Thailand in 2019. To put it in perspective, he went to a local hospital and had to give his stool sample in a dixie cup, and google translate his symptoms!

If you experience complications from COVID, you do not want to have this experience.  In Thailand, though medical expenses are cheaper than in western countries, going to an international hospital is still expensive. You don’t want to run the risk of landing in your new destination, only to have to return home broke and sick. Having travel insurance that covers pandemics is a good idea for travelers ready to travel in 2020.

Internation Travel Health Insurance is not optional

Furthermore, many countries that are requiring proof of insurance that covers COVID on entry. This is not something that is going to change for the next few years of travel post-pandemic. Because the world is opening without a vaccine readily available, countries understand that travelers may be bringing COVID with them. This means that travelers ready to run to the airport, are going to have to get good travel health insurance to prepare for travel after the pandemic. There are a few options to choose from, but if you’re a frequent traveler like we are, Remote Health is a great option that covers pandemics and even routine procedures! It’s important to note that though we are travel experts, we are not insurance experts. Make sure you vet out your insurance company and read the policy before purchasing it.

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How to Prepare for Travel After the Pandemic- Arrive at the Airport Extra Early

Showing up to the airport just before your flight is a thing of the past. With about a million new regulations and safety protocols, the check-in process at the airport will likely take 1-2 hours longer than before. Between temperature checks, new security measures, and social distancing you’re going to need a good book to make it through all of the long lines. Though this may feel a bit annoying at first, social distancing protocols will likely end once the pandemic blows over.

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How to Prepare for Travel After the Pandemic- Plan to Spend Longer in the Airport

After arriving in a new country, be prepared for new quarantine protocols delaying your entry. Every port of entry now has health checks, quarantine paperwork, and a disinfection chamber that all passengers must go through. Add social distancing measures, and it will likely take 1-2 hours after your flight lands before you make it out of the airport. This is an annoying but necessary part of travel considering the global implications of spreading this type of virus. Just make sure you don’t book your transport shortly after your flight arrives.

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How to Prepare for Travel After the Pandemic- Use Hand Sanitizer

Post-pandemic travel is a new world. Hygiene standards are going to be much higher than before. Carrying hand sanitizer will come as standard as that old chapstick you left in your purse. Carrying hand sanitizer will help you keep yourself clean and wipe down any surfaces that look neglected.

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How to Prepare for Travel After the Pandemic- Bring Multi-Vitamins

Travel has never been “healthy”. Long flights leave people jet lag, oxygen-deprived, and with a lowered immune system. This makes people more likely to get sick. But in the world post-COVID, the implications of getting sick are much higher than before. People who are traveling after the pandemic are going to have to be very conscious about their health. Airplanes will be squeaky clean, but that doesn’t change the negative health effects of travel lowering your immune system. Make sure you carry a multi-vitamin on you and drink plenty of water during your travels. The more you take care of yourself, the more likely you are to return home from your trip happy and healthy!

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