June 26, 2017

Girl on her cell phone

We live in a beautiful world. A place filled with places to explore and people who make us feel loved. No matter what our circumstances, we always have something, or someone who we know we can count on. Even with all of those blessings, how many times are we fully present? I’m talking phone down, uninterrupted attention to what’s happening around you, or the person who’s next to you. It happens at dinner with our loved ones, and on the bus when we’re avoiding small talk. Even when I’ve gone to Disney World, which claims to be the happiest place in the world, I’ve seen people on their phones, disengaged. What’s happening to us as a society?

Phones Are Disconnecting Us and making us less present

We spend so much time trying to “Connect”, and “stay in touch” with strangers, that we lose touch with the world around us. I love technology, but it’s stolen my attention from beautiful moments like looking at the scenery on a road trip, or snuggling on the couch with my fiancee. Instead of being fully present and enjoying the moment with our loved ones, we’re only half there. Maybe I’m old school, but I think it’s down right RUDE when I’m talking to someone and their face is in their phone. “Like, am I not enough?” That’s the message you’re sending to people! This spoken word poem sums it up really nicely:

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

It’s Making Us Less Productive

Have we Facebook enthusiasts thought about all we could have accomplished with our wasted time? Let’s math it out: I’ve had Facebook for 10 years. If I were to have used Facebook 2 hours a day for the last 10 years, I would have wasted almost 7,500 hours! That is a lot of exercise, work, and blog posts that I could have written that I “never have time for” (watch me destroy excuses just like this one here).

What Now

Think about this in terms of your life. How many hours a day are you spending on social media? How many moments are you missing out on? Let’s commit to living engaged. Eat our food without staring at our phones. Go to dinner with our friends and actually talk to them. Get on a bus, and make some friend! It’s remarkable what happens when we stop to acknowledge the things and people we take for granted. Life is beautiful, you just need to look around.


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