April 2, 2020

Is Remote Work the Future in a World Post COVID-19?

The world around us continues to be ravaged by COVID-19 while millions of people are stuck at home under self-isolation and quarantine orders. With millions of employees getting laid off due to the Pandemic, it’s left many wondering how they’re going to pay their bills. It’s no secret that we are entering the most difficult financial crisis in our world’s history. Many things are going to be different in the world post-coronavirus and not a good different. One sector that is seeing a huge boom of opportunity right now, is remote work. This crisis has caused the world’s biggest and fastest shift into online work. Almost overnight! With more and more business moving their operations online to survive the pandemic, it begs the question. Is remote work the future in a world changed by COVID-19?

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What is Remote Work?

Any job that can be performed online from anywhere in the world is considered remote work. This means other “stay at home jobs” like freelancing, and even entrepreneurship can be considered a remote job. “Work from home” jobs have many benefits like making your own schedule, working in your pajamas, and allowing you to work from anywhere. Some remote work jobs even give you benefits like insurance, a stable paycheck, and vacation time! But the most beautiful part of remote work is that it’s growing like a wildfire during coronavirus. Why? Because it’s Pandemic-proof!

The nature of stay at home jobs has allowed remote workers to remain unaffected by coronavirus quarantines. Remote workers have the opportunity to still pay the bills and stay on the winning side of this financial crisis. Also, as people are forced to stay home and spend time with their families, they’re realizing they don’t want to go back to not spending time with them. But before people make the transition, there are a few differences between remote work and a traditional 9-5’s to be aware of.

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How is remote work different from a traditional 9-5?

With this big shift in attitude regarding work from home jobs, people are wondering how life is going to be different working online. At the end of the day, remote jobs are quite different than regular 9-5 jobs but they come with their own slew of perks. Here are the biggest differences.

The differences between remote work and traditional worksDifference between a Remote Job and a 9-5 #1: Location, Location, Location

Remote workers and traditional 9-5ers may both get a steady paycheck, however, 9-5ers are stuck in an office whereas virtual jobs let you work anywhere. This means you can work from home, the coffee shop down the street, or in a balcony in Tuscany. Since we started working remotely as digital nomads back in 2018, we’ve worked from some of the world’s most beautiful corners! This has included countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam! The flexibility of location is what has made remote jobs Pandemic-proof!

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Difference Remote Work and a 9-5 #2: Motivation & Accountability

Another fundamental difference between virtual jobs and traditional 9-5s is accountability. Stay at home workers have to be self-disciplined to get work done while at home. This is usually not an issue in an office because employees regularly have managers checking their work. One unique challenge for remote works is finding the motivation to get work done instead of binge-watching a show on Netflix. Employees making the transition to working remotely are going to have to find ways to stay motivated.

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Difference between a Remote Job and a 9-5 #3: Workplace Social Life

You’re probably used to normal workplaces having regular co-worker interactions. These co-workers often become your friends, get invited to your wedding, and serve as therapists during a long day at work. When working virtually, however, you don’t have a co-worker you interact with like that. Though you may have meetings on a regular basis, the same friendships you’re used to building in person, don’t cleanly transfer online. Many remote workers report being a little lonely and bored in comparison to a regular 9-5 which is a disadvantage of remote work. However, in a world with Social Distancing rules keeping us further apart than ever, this is not a bad thing!

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How has COVID-19 changed the Current Workforce’s Attitude on Remote Work Jobs?

In a world before Coronavirus, people saw 9-5 careers as the most stable option. People believed that 9-5 jobs were great because they offered a stable paycheck and full-time benefits. Not to mention that before COVID-19, people believed that the 9-5 “would always be there”. It was so stable, people couldn’t imagine a world where the 9-5 failed them. Fast forward to 2020 and things have changed a lot. Millions of people in America alone have been laid off. They are now left facing insurmountable debt and bills, with no promise of a “stable” job to help pay them. These people are now looking for alternatives that will pay the bills while they’re laid off and stuck in quarantine.

While this group of people may have never considered a remote job in the past, now they’re eagerly seeking opportunities to work from home. Turns out the 9-5 couldn’t stand the test of time to survive during a Pandemic. With this realization, laptops have been flying off store shelves! Items like headsets and other remote work specific gear are sold out almost a month in advance! People transitioning into remote jobs is happening at a rate faster than ever and I think it’s because they realize that remote work is the future of our workforce.

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Is remote work the future?

Is Remote Work the Future of our Workforce?

As the days goes by, people are realizing that it’s going to be a long time before things go back to normal. And even when “normal” does come back, it’s going to be a new normal. A normal in which people are more conscious of the time they spend with their loved ones. A normal where people want to have the freedom to work from home and take a sick day. When the world opens back up, it will be after months of a closed economy caused by COVID-19. People will have no choice but to move to remote work or starve. This is the reality of the world post-coronavirus. The future of our workforce is remote work. Plain and simple.

Why Remote Work is the Future

People Will Have No Choice But to Work Remote During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Look around you. Outside of “essential workers”, how many of your friends are still working right now? If the economy were to stay closed for months, how will they (or you) pay the bills? The sooner people realize that the world is changing and won’t be returning to “normal” ever again, the sooner they can make legitimate progress towards making a sustainable income online. Even though normal jobs are taking a pause during COVID-19, it doesn’t mean online jobs are. As a matter of fact, there are new online work opportunities coming out every single day, especially now.

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People are Happier Working Remotely

After everyone has been home for a couple of months, they’ll realize how much nicer it is to own their time. Remote workers are more engaged in their jobs and have 25% lower turnover rates than other businesses. They are literally so much happier that they don’t leave their job. They get to spend more time with their family and work harder when they are at work.  People who work from home can usually make their own schedules, too! This lets people sleep in,  pick up their kids from school, and save money on gas and childcare! And on top of this, many remote jobs offer the same benefits a full-time 9-5 would offer.

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It’s Cheaper for Businesses to Operate and Work Remotely

Millions of businesses around the world have closed down their doors because of Coronavirus. Hundreds of Thousands of businesses, however, have taken their team remotely! CEO’s are now realizing that their business can operate without an office space, but can also thrive without one! This shift in mindset and workflow has led to lower overhead costs and happier employees. The changes in society that Coronavirus has facilitated will be felt long after COVID-19 is gone… and not all of them are bad. As businesses are going bankrupt Remote work seems to be the only safe, and pandemic proof option. The world we come back to post COVID-19 is going to be a very different world from the one before.

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Millennials & Gen Z are the Future of our WorkForce & They Prioritize Work-life Balance

With more and more people becoming tech-savvy, workplaces are going to move online as a way to cut costs and to give employees more freedom. The millennial and Gen-Z workforce is taking over workplaces, and revolutionizing the way work is done. The benefits of virtual jobs have been utilized by many Millenials that were living the digital nomad lifestyle like we were. This is not an uncommon way of life anymore, and it will continue after COVID-19 is history.

There are Many Advantages of Working Remotely

It’s going to be a long time before people open up shop again and return to their normals lives. With some much time at home now, the public is realizing that maybe their 9-5 wasn’t the life for them. The freedom and flexibility of becoming a remote worker give you is irreplaceable. You can work from anywhere around the world, at any time. Whether it’s something as big as a pandemic or a small as a sick day, all of this can still make you money if you’re working from home. And again, it makes people happier!

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Almost Any Industry Can Be Operated Remotely

The nice thing with remote work is that there are jobs in just about any industry. AND for industries where you may not have the knowledge, you can learn how to do it online for free! All it takes is a quick Google search and you will immediately find tons of job opportunities at your fingertips. Whether it’s customer service remote jobs, or tech-focused remote work, there is a job out there for anyone!

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Will Remote Work Die After COVID-19?

There are some strange, baseless rumors on the internet saying that remote working will die after the Coronavirus Pandemic. One reason why it’s a foolish thing to believe is that the future of virtual work was bright even before COVID-19 ravaged the world. There was a wave of people seeking an alternative to the 9-5 and embarking in the digital nomad life! Many have been location independent workers for years and loving it! All that coronavirus has done is speed up the rate at which people transition into working remotely. I don’t think remote work will ever die, and if anything it will be much bigger in the future.

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What Kinds of Remote Jobs has COVID-19 opened up?

Because of Coronavirus, online businesses like Zoom Communications, Apple, and Amazon are looking to add employees to their teams! Customer Service online jobs are at an all-time high in demand because companies are overwhelmed with inquiries! Jobs in tech have also opened up because many people are starting their own online businesses in light of the coronavirus outbreak! This means if you know how to write copy, graphic design, or set up Facebook Ads, this could be the time for you to take action! You just need to know where to look!

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How to Find Work From Home Jobs

If you’re one of the thousands of people looking to make money from home during COVID-19, I’m here to help! With so many programs designed to facilitate remote work, people stuck at home during COVID-19 might want to seize this free time and learn how they can get a job that’s pandemic proof. Join our workshop “How to Find Remote Work During COVID-19” by clicking here! Or get ideas for ways you can make money during the Pandemic by downloading our cheatsheet below!

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