January 30, 2018

Selling everything to travel the world sounds crazy. Believe me, I get it! When we first told people that we were selling everything to travel the world, they looked at us like we were nuts! When I first wrote this post, I knew nothing about what the future had in store. We had just sold everything, were living in my in-law’s house hoping that everything would turn out alright. It lived up to every single expectation. Since first publishing, we’ve climbed mountains, and gone Jetski Island hopping. We’ve traveled to dozens of countries, and have loved every minute! If you’re thinking of taking the leap of Full-Time Travel, my honest advice is JUST DO IT! But if you need a little more guidance, click here to get our awesome free guide to selling everything and traveling the world!

As we’ve been telling people about our travel plans, we get asked lots of questions. One of the ones we get asked first is:

“What made you want to go?”

It started with our first travels through Europe in 2015. Daniel and I studied abroad in Florence, Italy for two months, and we visited: France, England, Ireland, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, and the Netherlands. That trip showed us the passion we have for cultural immersion, and travel. After we got back from the trip, we thought we had gotten all of the travel out of our system. I graduated from college, we settled into our full-time management jobs and started saving up for a house.

After a major life occurrence at the beginning of 2017, all of those plans started to change. I had to learn how to live my life not abiding by the rules society has taught us to follow, and I figured out that the safe option isn’t always safe. I realized that I would rather work my butt off for my dreams than to help achieve somebody else’s. My “failures” turned me into someone highly inspired to live a full life. I brought up the idea of moving abroad to Daniel, and although he was willing to do it for me, he wasn’t completely sold on the idea.

A couple of months later

Daniel decided it was time to find a better job. He was hired at an emergency care clinic in town managing two facilities. It was the job he was “supposed” to get after graduating with his bachelors in business. Even though the pay was good, that job was not making him feel happy or fulfilled. We both started fantasizing about how nice it would be to just drop everything and travel the world. 

Around this time, I was working as the receptionist at a preschool in town, where I got to greet parents at 6:30 AM. Somedays I would have parents who looked like they hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before. They come in with their child who just wet their pants, so now, not only did they get no sleep last night, AND they have to change their child, but NOW they are also running late for work. They walk out of their child’s classroom in tears because they are so emotionally exhausted… How about hell no. I am so completely not ready for that. Parents would tell me on a daily basis, do everything you want to before having kids. Go travel, go on dates, enjoy the silence when you’re pooping, and take many showers by yourself because that all ends when you have children.

wedding picture

Then the wedding came

After the wedding, I had a panic attack when I realized I had to go to work on Monday. There was so much leading up to that day, and our wedding was such a happy day, that I wanted to feel that every day. Now, don’t get me wrong… I love my job, but Daniel and I wanted to spend more time together and feel like we were living life to the fullest. We sat down that Monday night and budgeted out how long it would take us to save up $40,000 to quit our jobs and travel the world. When our calculations said we wouldn’t be able to save that amount until 2021, we felt like we couldn’t breathe. We felt trapped. It was that night that we decided.

“The selling begins now”

We started by selling our guitars that very same Monday night. We posted them on a Facebook page and within 45 minutes, we sold both! That kickstarted the next two months worth of selling our stuff. Now, remember, we had *just* gotten married and had a bunch of gifts from our guests. As heartbreaking as it was, we had to go back and return everything, leaving us with hundreds of gifts cards to stores that have NOTHING travel related. Note to the wise: if you’re thinking of dropping everything to travel after you get married… make that decision BEFORE you register for hundreds of gifts. (Thank you again, everyone!) Anyway, for the next couple of months, we continued selling our things (including Daniel’s truck), ended our lease, and moved into my in-law’s house (You guys are the best!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!).

getting ready to travel the world
Organizing things to sell!
getting travel ready
After emptying all but the couches in our living room. P.S. Excuse the outfit, it was 80’s day at work 😛

Fast forward to now: Getting Travel Ready

We are still in the process of selling the rest of our things, saving up as much money as we can, and buying the rest of our necessary equipment. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll share with you guys all of the fun toys we’ve gotten for the trip so far. If you ask us how we feel about it… we are so scared. Daniel and I give each other pep talks on a daily basis. The fact of the matter is, leaving everything you know is scary. We’re going to countries where we don’t know the language, the customs, or anybody there. But it will be okay. We would rather go do it and fail than to never have tried at all. We are so excited to share this journey with you all. Thank you for reading and please support us by sharing with your friends. 🙂



  • Lindsey Pinard says:

    You two are the most perfect people on the planet to make this happen and happen with style and grace, not to mention fun! Love you both so much and can’t wait to watch you concur it all. This is what you are meant to do and in the future when your child wants to just sit in the bathroom while you poop, you can begin filming them with your stories and memories. You two will someday be the most awesome parents, but enjoy each other, travel, roam, learn, love and most importantly live…. once you become parents, your lives aren’t about you anymore (and that’s the way it is supposed to be), but right now it’s about the two of you and building an amazing foundation for your forever future.

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Lindsey! We are excited for that time in our lives, but more than patient! We are excited to embark on this journey together and hopefully create wonderful stories to share with our children in the future. 😀

  • Veronica Leis says:

    I Annette it’s Vero Andy’s mom. I’m so thrilled for u guys. Just be careful. But enjoy this adventure. My hubby and I are moving to Spain. We just closed on our new apt in Alicante Spain. So if you are ever in Spain my casa su casa. Muchos besos.

  • Rachel Howell says:

    I love you guys and know you will be fine as long as you have each other. Depending on how long your abroad we may not be here when you return. We usually only stay in a location 3 to 5 years and I got here in July of 2016. The kids and I will miss you, love Bekkah, Rukker and me.
    Good luck and safe travels!

    • We love you too! We will come back after the first year so hopefully we will be able to reconnect!

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