June 12, 2017

Ha Giang Loop Meo Vac

We’ve all been there. Stayed in a relationship much longer than we should have, or stayed at a job that made us miserable. Have you ever wondered why we do that? We stay unhappy for years because we scared. We settle when we are insecure. This means we stay in jobs that we shouldn’t be in because it’s safe; because you think you can’t do better. It means we marry the guy that makes us feel loved only some of the time because real love “only happens in movies”. It’s time to snap out of it!

Comfort is the Enemy of Progress! Don’t Settle

Nothing is ever going to change unless we do something about it. Our brain is wired to do what’s safe and comfortable to keep us alive. It alerts us when it thinks there’s danger. I know comfort feels like a warm blanket of safety, but it brings stagnation. This is why we stay at the job that makes us miserable. It’s easier to stay in what you already know, than risk trying something new and disliking it just as much. You don’t need to settle for that. What if you go out for your big dream and make it? You’re certainly not going to attain it if you don’t even try. If you’re unhappy, something needs to change and no one is going to change it for you (Learn about the secret to living a happier life¬†here). Make the leap and find happiness. When we first published this post, we were still living our normal, uninspired lives. We have since taken our own advice! Learn about how we sold everything to start traveling the world full-time!

This applies to relationships, too!

Time and time again, I see people settling for far less than they deserve. Heck, that was me at one point. You’re not too clingy to the right person. You deserve to be feel loved every day. Don’t let people make you feel any less than the rockstar you are. Getting out isn’t always easy, but it is necessary for your happiness and well-being. Remember, you only have one life to live. Don’t settle and make it the greatest it can be.


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