Travel Masks

Although we know Coronavirus has turned our whole world upside down, it doesn't mean we can't day dream about travel in the meantime! 
As the world begins to open up, it is very likely that people will be asked to wear masks to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. But just because you have to wear a mask, it doesn't mean you can't show off your personality and make a fashion statement!
That's why we've designed and launched our Chase for Adventure face masks! Masks that make me want to do nothing but be on an airplane and on to my next destination.

These masks are: 

  • Made with high quality materials, and a quilted design 
  • Comfortable and soft for all-day use
  • Helps prevent the spread of viruses
  • Machine-Washable
  • Come in Small, Medium, and Large

How to Order

If you wanted only one mask, they are $10 each + shipping & handling (we ship internationally).

If you wanted to order 4 masks, you can mix and match your favorites for just $35 + shipping & handling.

To place your order, fill out the order form below. Once we have calculated the shipping price, we will send you an invoice via e-mail.

*These masks will ship out as soon as we reach our minimum order. If we have not reached our minimum order by May 31st, we will refund you the entire balance.

*If you have any questions before placing your order, please contact us at [email protected] or use this contact form.

Chase For Adventure Mask (B)

World Map Mask

Travel Dreams Mask

I Dream of Airports Mask

Chase For Adventure Mask (W)

Digital Products

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Our Courses

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1-Hour Coaching Call

We understand that our audience has tons of questions regarding travel, the digital nomad lifestyle, and a variety of other topics. As our audience grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to give everyone the time and attention we want to provide. For that reason, we have opened 1-hour coaching calls. 

During this hour, you can ask us anything. Whether it be travel advice and suggestions, questions regarding the transition into digital nomad life, or you want us to look over your YouTube Channel & Instagram account, this hour is yours.

After booking your time slot, we will send you a Zoom Link within 24-hours so you can join our chat along with a form so we can prepare for your call. 

Click below to process your payment and schedule a time to speak to us!

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What Others are Saying...


"When I first met Annette she could see that I felt stuck in life, but had a dream to travel the world just like her. Without her giving me the inspiration and nudge, I never would have planned to visit 11 countries in one year; solo evenAnyone who wants to make their dreams a reality needs to take her course. You will get the inspiration and hope needed for a lifelong dedication to chasing your own adventure! Without her, I know I would have never found this fierce confidence in myself that tells me I can accomplish ANYTHING!"



"I like you guys so much, your spirit is amazing and your nature is so cool. I love your stories and how you see positive in everything. That shows how gold your heart is. I love to travel but don't have any such plans right now, if I'll consider the same, surely will take advice from you both!


/ Fashion Blogger


You guys have inspired me in so many ways! Literally my family's whole life plans have changed. My daughter turns 4 next year so we only have 1 more year with her before she starts kindergarten and we want to spend the next year traveling and doing all the things we've ever wanted to do together! Time is so limited and you should do what makes you happy and I've learned from you guys that it's a possibility to chase our adventure dreams! Thank you ❤


/ Fashion Blogger


"My fiancée and I genuinely enjoy following all your adventures. It’s like a reality show, but with actual reality and not that fabricated stuff that’s on actual tv. Thank you for being our portal into different parts of the world. We try to travel as much as we can, and you’re first videos on the big mango helped seal our first outing to Asia. I would definitely say you both were a big inspiration to try something that wasn’t in Europe."


/ Fashion Blogger

/ Fashion Blogger

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